School Leaders Video 2

This video clip is an overview of the cognitive strategies in the Common Core Standards in the English Language Arts and Mathematics.


School Leaders Video 1

This is a video for school leaders and their Boards with details on opportunities for more information on the Common Core Standards.

Kansas Common Core Standards Timeline

Unpacking the Common Core Opportunitites


Where Do We Begin?

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

With every new task we undertake, there is the question of where to begin. Sometimes the first step is obvious and other times there are various options. Moving to the Common Core State Standards could be equated to the journey of a thousand miles, in that it requires new learning for the majority of teachers in the nation.


Build a Site for Collaboration

ATCC is a site that depends (or will soon, at any rate) on user contributions, like a host of other open source projects out there in the world. Being a dedicated Drupal nerd, I've been working as a part of open source communities for years.

These sorts of communities can be very robust and powerful, if the user base is big enough to produce a few rock start contributors as well as a long tail of minor contributors.


Let's Hit the Road: Common Core Survey Results

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About a month ago, we solicited input from teachers on features and resources they wanted on the All Things Common Core (ATCC) website.  We've had 316 responses from 35 states (Thanks Google Analytics!) and with that a plethora of great suggestions and comments to develop a site that will be a one-stop resource to support teachers and students in the Common Core.

So here is the skinny about what teachers want...

Out of all 316 responses:


Aligned to Common Core Standards

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Without a doubt, the horse is out of the gate.  More states have adopted common core standards than have not, which means for vendors the new buzz words will be ‘aligned to common core standards.’


Assessments and Common Core Standards

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One of the first questions I often hear educators ask when discussing the new common core standards is less about the standards themselves and more about the assessments what will accompany the new standards.  I credit this over-emphasis on testing to the legacy of No Child Left Behind.  Rather than focusing on testing, it seems our focus would be better spent on instruction.  Nonetheless, assessments are still a reality, so it seems like a timely topic.


College and Career Readiness: So What Does That Look Like?

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Ready or not, the Common Core Standards are coming to our schools around the nation. What does this mean to teachers and the way their classroom will look?

Being in education for nearly 20 years now, I know that for some, not much will change. These teachers have already figured out what it looks like to turn out students who think for themselves, have acquired the knack for questioning and discovering answers on their own and are not going to accept a fact unless they can prove it to themselves. These teachers will not have to change much.


Save the Date!

An invitation to all Administrators for an opportunity to get the scoop on The Common Core State Standards! Watch this short clip for more information!


All Thing Common Core Introduction Video

If you want to know the latest news on the Common Core Standards, check out this short video for opportunities to learn more.



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