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Top 10 Activities to Process Common Core Math in Your District

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Gearing up for the Common Core is both exciting, yet can be overwhelming.  This Top Ten List of activities are designed as different ways to process the Math Common Core Standards.  They could be used in a whole group setting, small group, professional learning communities, or for individual learners.  The Ten Activities are linked to more detailed information. I hope you find some of these helpful in your district.

Food for thought videos:

Video for 21st Century Learners

As you read and explore more about the ten strategies, be thinking about how would you use this activity in your district, how might you change and/or enhance this activity for your school's needs.

Using Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) Online to Compare Your State Standards to CCSS - Step-by-Step process for using this amazing tool.

2. Communicating the Differences Between our Math Standards and CCSS**
(Step by Step process)

3. What Do the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Look Like in the Math Classroom?**
Each practice by grade level. Show progression K-12 see the before and after.
See Classroom Sneak Peaks of what student/teacher actions look like and open questions.

4. Using Video Footage to Identify the 8 Mathematical Practices**

5. Teacher Questioning Makes Mathematical Communications a Reality in the CCSS Classroom**

A couple strategies that encourages teacher questionning are:

1. CGI- Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) is an approach to teaching mathematics at the elementary level where teachers utilize what they know about their children's understanding of mathematics to select problems, pose those problems, question students, and facilitate discussion and sharing.

2. Three Act Math program- Hook, Explore, Validation- Dan Meyer

6. Using Unpacking Documents From Other States**

7. Exploring the History of the 8 Mathematical Practices**
2 books: Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and Adding it Up.
Why do we teach what we teach?

8. Looking at Quality Problems to Understand CCSS**
Get the students hooked on a problem. Have them decide what they need to solve and ask questions. Have students discuss the problem and what they information they need to solve. Dan Meyer videos are helpful with this activity as well.

9. Creating Alternative Assessments Aligned to Common Core Standards in Math**

10. Math Vocabulary in the Common Core - Attend to Precision



I love this blog post, however many of the links don't work, and I'd love read further.

Nevermind. Found them. 

We did a CCSS Field Experience staff development in our district where teachers went out into the community and interviewed business leaders. We discussed things like qualifications for the career field, skills they were looking for from students as they entered the workforce, how schools could better prepare them, etc. This became an eye-opening experience for many teachers and truly promoted a buy-in to the new standards like never before.

As a part of the experience we had to explore the standards and determine which standards were addressed by the business in each interview. Additionally, we had to create products that represent the sorts of things we might ask our students to create. (I was in an ELA experience, however, this would be totally applicable to Math educators as well). At the end of the message I'll provide a link where you can go and look at some of the things my group created if you like. (My group chose to do ours digitally, and they are pretty funny. Lol). Anyway, the takeaway from this really and truly was the that we HAVE to change what we do and how we do it if we want our society to grow and prosper in this new global economy and that students aren't just born with these skills we HAVE to develop them. Most teachers left with an energy to really do this and it also generated much needed discussion and some really great ideas. I know for me personally, my mind hasn't switched off since. I have begun to see everything in my surroundings as an ELA learning experience and I don't seem to be able to switch it off.

Here is the youTube link to our funny "PSRC Common Core Commercial." (If the link wont work just search for that title). We wanted to do something fun that would hopefully motivate and inspire teachers to see the need for change. Also on the same channel as the commercial are some other things we did along with a few projects my students did last year when I experimented with ELA Common Core Practice in my 9th grade World History Class. Enjoy and feel free to share! :)

I am having trouble with many of the lengths. Love the suggestions but need access to the materials through the links:(


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