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Teacher Evaluation in a Common Core World

In the United Teacher Federation article, The Tortoise and the Hare and Teacher Evaluation, “Educational change that succeeds is a result of school leaders and classroom teachers working closely together, only implementing new policies and practices after practitioners really work them through. If a new evaluation instrument strengthens the teaching force it will be because they patiently and carefully develop teachers, not because they use data to sort them into incomprehensible percentiles.  That is the approach taken by the nations with the highest-performing school systems.”

Therefore, we must maintain that sense of urgency while systemically and succinctly working together to improve instruction.  The evaluation system that we employ is like any other system or program and are only as good as its’ implementation.  So, no matter what system of accountability we decide is the answer it is critical to keep in mind that, “accountability, at its essence is not a goal; it is the acceptance of responsibility for all that we do in our classrooms, day in and day out.  Accountability, when embraced for what it is, turns out to be not some sort of punitive ‘gotcha’; instead, it is what drives commitment to continuous examination, reflection, and improvement.”  (Joseph Wise, Shifting from Teacher Quality to Teaching Quality; Ed Week)

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