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My Top 5 Math Common Core Websites

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So have you hear the saying?…It's a journey, not a destination. Lately, I have heard that mentioned several times when discussing the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in math. Here are five websites that I believe will provide teachers with tools that make it a bit more of a comfortable journey.


  • Mr. Meyer's Blog & Three-Act Math: Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math provides in-depth problem solving activities. These problems have multiple entry points, requires the student to develop their own plan and are interesting to students. He has built problems for third grade through high school. Each problem is directly tied to the CC standards. All necessary information is provided to teachers. His blog is also helpful in facilitating his Three-Act Math problems, as there are generally several posts regarding each problem.​​

  • Illustrative Mathematics: This site provides sample problems for almost every standard in CCSS math. Many times there are multiple problems for each standard. Also included is commentary on each of the problems and their solutions. Teachers are able to rate the problem and leave a comment. Writers of the CCSS participated in creating these problems.

  • KATM – Kansas Flip Books: This site allows teachers to download the Kansas Flip Books for each grade level. Within the flip books, there are specifics for expectations for the Mathematical Practice Standards, instructional strategies, teaching expectations, connections to other standards and common misconceptions. This is a very powerful download. It can provide a great deal of clarity for teachers in understanding the standards and expectations. This is also a great resource for teachers outside of the state of Kansas, as Kansas did not add any standards as allowed by CCSS.

  • All Things Common Core: This site houses resources for both math and ELA. Go to the resources tab and click on "math" to access the resources that the specialists of ESSDACK have compiled to assist teachers in areas of content, instruction, practice standards and vocabulary.

  • Common Core Tools: This is the blog site of Bill McCallum, one of the lead writers for the math CCSS. A teacher can search his posts to help with understanding, expectations and implementation of the standards. He also has been apart of the writing of the progressions for the math standards. He has links to those progressions on his sight. For an interesting read search the word "fluency" or "fluent" in his blog posts.
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