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Motivating for Mastery: it starts with a simple question

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So you want your students to master your class content faster? What teacher doesn't?

Here's my proposal:
Have less drill and practice (I'm looking at you, worksheet wranglers and you, test-preppers).
Instead, we will create higher personal stakes for the students and I'm not talking grades or staying after school/in from recess.

You see, It all comes down to personal motivation. Grades and GPA are simply not motivation enough for many to do well on the worksheets. And even less motivation to truly understand and master the content. Grades/GPA, and punishments motivate kids to hate school.

"What would motivate them to want to master this skill?"

Start your curriculum mapping and lesson planning with that simple question and you'll begin to be a true educator because your students will truly be learning.
(hint: a good start is Project Based Learning)

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