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Kansas Gets Waiver!

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From Diane DeBacker:

I am pleased to announce that Kansas was successful in our request for an ESEA Flexibility Waiver from certain provisions of NCLB! In a press release earlier this morning, Kansas was approved along with five other states and the District of Columbia. A total of 32 states have been granted waivers.

The waiver will change the accountability system for Kansas schools from one that focused on all students achieving proficiency on the state math and reading assessments to a system that recognizes student growth, closing the achievement gap, and reducing the number of students below proficient.

The waiver can be accessed through the KSDE website at

KSDE will host webinars, ITV sessions and other informational meetings in the near future to explain the specifics of the waiver. In the meantime, questions regarding the waiver can be sent to

Thank you to all who contributed to the waiver through your active participation and thoughtful suggestions since we first embarked on this journey last October.

Congratulations, Kansas!
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