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A recent trip to a local chiropractor made me realize how important it is to focus on the core.  The visit was scheduled to diagnose why I’ve been having sever headaches for the past year.  After several x-rays, it was noted that the joints in my neck are misaligned, which is most likely the CORE issue causing my headaches.  So, what does this have to do with the common core (or if you live in Kansas, the Kansas College and Career Ready standards)?  Engaging staff and students in the common core is essential to the implementation success. 

A challenge for all leaders as you implement the common CORE is, “Are you getting to the core of what is important?”  What will have the biggest chance of increasing learning and engagement?  Curriculum mapping?  Adopting a new textbook series? Buying the latest technology?  No, it is investing in people!  Don’t get me wrong, I am not discounting that effective resources are important, but school improvement=people improvement!  That is the CORE!

People before programs has been a CORE belief for many years.  If we invest in people, learning improves.  Guaranteed!  All educators are invited to participate in the Coach Centric Leadership Engagement program offered at ESSDACK!  This learning opportunity will increase engagement and as a result increase learning, inspire leadership, and improve culture.  Engagement matters. 

“Engagement is a person’s willingness (motivation and buy-in) and ability (skills, knowledge, and capability) to do something about any particular role, goal, or task.  This involves how spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically committed, dedicated, and aligned an individual is with what he or she is doing or seeking to do.” 

The Coach Centric Leadership Engagement program helps individuals and organizations identify engaged or disengaged cultures.  Two types of cultures are discussed:

  1. Organizational Catabolism-cultures that drain creativity, halt innovation, and leave little to no reserve of discretionary energy.  These organizational norms and behaviors block innovation, and de-motivate and de-value individuals.
  2. Anabolic Culture and Leadership-Cultures that inspire, enable, empower, and demonstrate a high regard for human potential.  These organizational norms and behaviors drive collaboration, innovation, teamwork, and continuous learning.

So, how does this engagement program support the successful implementation of the common core?  It focuses on the CORE of what matters.  The people.  The engagement.  The culture.  As districts invest in people, the return on investment will be great no matter what resources are purchased! 

To learn more about the Coach Centric Leadership Engagement Program go to:  Educational Leadership Coaching Program


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