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Expectations Impact Results

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Throughout my career, I have experienced teachers that say, their students can’t or their students are not developmentally ready. In fact, just recently I heard a teacher say the same thing about the new Common Core State Standards for math. The fact is...students are capable of mastering the CCSS math standards at the grade level for which they are written. The standards are evidence-based. 

Consider this...Have you heard of the Pygmalion Effect? The Pygmalion Effect refers to the phenomenon where the greater the expectation placed on someone the better they perform. The reverse of that is true also. As you transition to teaching the Common Core Standards, think about the environment you are setting for students. Do you set the stage for success or something less?

Three things to assist in setting the stage for success...

  • Reflection - Examine current practices. Decide what needs to be kicked to the curb, what needs a fresh coat of paint, and what is ready for the White House.
  • Professional Development - Determine what instructional strategies you need assistance with AND seek them out.
  • Be Collaborative - Together Everyone Achieves More.  It takes a community to educate a child, not one individual.

 Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t - you are right!”

 Be intentional...Make an intentional move that makes a difference in a student’s life!



I attended your workshop last week on the CCSS for math grades 6-8.  You had mentioned Dan Meyer's blog and his 3-act problems.  I have been checking that out and I think it is something I could use; however, I was wondering if he had the answers located somewhere. 

Thank you

Amy Vignery

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