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Dynamic Learning Maps is the new buzzword for what has formerly been called the Alternate Assessment. This assessment, of course, is reserved for a small percentage of students who have significant cognitive challenges.

You may be asking yourself what is dynamic about them and what are we mapping? Well, as it turns out, they are “dynamic” in the sense that the assessment will adapt or change to the student’s needs and strengths. The “mapping” piece will create a network of connected learning targets or “nodes” which maps the student’s “knowledge terrain”.  The maps will show what skills are mastered and what skills have yet been mastered. Essentially, it will provide the teacher with a powerful tool to direct student learning.  Parents and educators should have a clearer picture of the student’s knowledge and skills.


Dynamic Learning Maps will be a computer -based assessment tied to the Common Core State Standards.  Educators can expect the Dynamic Learning Maps to be available for administration in 2014-2015. For more information on Dynamic Learning Maps, go to

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