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Diagnose the Situation

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Leadership is tough.  Moving people from point A to put B can be quite a challenge, especially when you, as the leader aren't exactly sure what point B looks like and especially when there are so many variables that may or may not lead to point B and also the fact that point B may turn out to be where you don't want to go at all.  You may decide you are more interested in point C, J and M.

Often times when I work with leaders in schools and a suggestion is made, they will say something like, "yeah, we tried that a few years back and it didn't work".  Well it may be because we didn't stick with point B long enough or that maybe point B wasn't where we needed to go in the first place.

My point is this (I know you were beginning to wonder if I had one), we really need to diagnose the situation before we leap into the next initiative.  I am a dreamer.  I like to dream of what could be, but often times in education we jump from one initiative to the next and I wonder if what a gal ought to do is clearly define what is broken first.  We need to clearly diagnose the situation so we know that the efforts and time we put into a cause are moving toward a common goal.

If you have found yourself in a messy situation in school improvement, it's highly likely that the situation has not been clearly defined.  For more information on how you can diagnose the situations accurately in your school and be on your way to sustaining lasting school improvement initiatives, contact ESSDACK. We would love to help you with these and other ideas on developing leadership competencies. Questions? Contact me at

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