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Teacher Evaluation in a Common Core World

In the United Teacher Federation article, The Tortoise and the Hare and Teacher Evaluation, “Educational change that succeeds is a result of school leaders and classroom teachers working closely together, only implementing new policies and practices after practitioners really work them through. If a new evaluation instrument strengthens the teaching force it will be because they patiently and carefully develop teachers, not because they use data to sort them into incomprehensible percentiles.  That is the approach taken by the nations with the highest-performing school systems.”


The Concrete Common Core: What are the components of a common core lesson?

We have spent a great deal of time “unpacking” the Common Core Standards and then discussing what implementation of those standards mean to our classrooms. As we continue to have conversations, we get a vague picture of what our classroom will look like, but we struggle to put those vague ideas into more concrete lessons.


Differentiated Teacher Professional Development=College and Career Ready Students

I was reading my colleague's post today and she referenced in her writing a question posed to us during a recent Common Core in-service. How much will our classrooms change as we implement the Common Core State Standards?  The answer to this question:  it depends on what you currently do in your classroom.

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