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As the old saying goes, “ a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.  Similarly, a journey to nowhere also begins with one step!



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The new common core standards are on the near horizon and one of the key components is that we need to help prepare students for both College AND Career. We have done a fairly nice job of preparing students for College over the years, but what of Career?


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Someone once said, “It is not change that kills -- it is the transitions.   As I was reflecting on this quote, I thought of a few scenarios in my own path where this seems to fit very well. As many of you know, I am in the throes of an addition to my future home.  The building “event” lends itself to a plethora of struggles and stressors not to mention: inclement weather looms! Until everything once again has a place and the daily routine is running smoothly, everyone feels out of sorts, grumpy and unsettled.


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Dynamic Learning Maps is the new buzzword for what has formerly been called the Alternate Assessment. This assessment, of course, is reserved for a small percentage of students who have significant cognitive challenges.


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As a former special education teacher and consultant, I have great interest in how the new Common Core State Assessment will look for at-risk, special education and ELL populations. I recently came across a national website whose goal is to support an assessment that is both “fair and valid to all test takers”.


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An invitation to "take a bite"...
With the newly adopted State Standards on the horizon,
schools have many questions about where to begin;
This blog is intended to provide answers to the most commonly
asked questions about Common Core.

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